Children’s book “Poodles Eating Noodles”

Children’s book with Emma Virke has published in Sweden.

“Poodles Eating Noodles” is a counting book for toddlers and for anyone who enjoys marveling over unexpected rhymes and illustrations like no other. This is an engaging book, where the youngest readers can count along from one to ten and then, at the end, meet everyone in an amazing parade!

Text by Emma Virke

Images by Mogu Takahashi

Published by Lilla Piratförlaget, September 2021 

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Reviews in Swedish media

Barnboksfamiljen blog

“The rhymes are whimsical and crazy in a way that makes me think of Lennart Hellsing.
Virke has managed to rhyme in English and gets both the rhymes and the necessary rhythm.”

Margareta Scharp, BTJ

“Ingenious and fun text with imaginative,
slightly surreal illustrations and an easygoing introduction to the world of numbers.”

Pia Huss, Dagens Nyheter

“A really fun little volume that triggers both the little child and the big reader”

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