Group Exhibition “DREAM PAPER 2”

Group Exhibition



2023. 6.29 – 8.5  


Becoming an annual event playing the role of a research laboratory, the exhibition “Dream Paper” aims at discovering new talents, highlighting and experimenting with paper work. This year “Dream Paper 2” is also the place of a meeting between new artistic proposals and the works of artists already represented by the Slika Gallery.

The selection of artists is instinctive, playful, it illustrates a new way to forge links with artists from all over the world and thus show their chosen drawings with the heart.


Daniel Dobarco, Francisco Mendes Moreira, Idir Davaine,

Jon Burgerman, Jon Pilkington, Julien JACA, Mafia_Tabak 

Maggie Cowles, Maite_y_Manuel, Mike Okay, Miles Debas,

Mogu Takahashi, Yann Kebbi 



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