Mogu Takahashi

Mogu Takahashi is a playful and creative self-taught artist based in Tokyo. Mogu studied architecture, but it didn’t really capture her attention. She started skipping classes, using that time to draw instead. In 2005 one thing led to another and she was invited to participate in a group exhibition in New York. That experience introduced her to the art world, then she decided to become an artist. 

Mogu: “My childhood dream was to deliver mail because I loved writing letters and would check the mailbox many times a day. Now, for me drawing is like writing a letter to someone dear. I sometimes hide a secret message in my paintings that only they will notice and then wait for their reaction. It is also like playing with little Mogu!”

Solo exhibitions

2021 Slow Day Slow Elephants at Piroreikki / Hiroshima, Japan
2021 At Your Own Pace at SFT The National Art Center Tokyo
2019 Little Harmony at Tina Hellberg Gallery / Stockholm, Sweden
2019 A Little Hat On You at Lamignton Drive / Melbourne, Australia

Group exhibitions
2022 Flow at Fir Gallery / Beijing, China
2019 AIR 4 at Ravniker Gallery / Ljubljana, Slovenia
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