Solo Exhibition “Never Ending Fika”   Vernissage:  Thursday 8.11  16:00-20:00 8.12 Fri. 12:00-18:00 8.13 Sat. 12:00-16:00 8.18 Thu. 12:00-18:00 8.19 Fri. 12:00-18:00 8.20 Sat. 12:00-16:00 8.22-9.3 by appointment  contact to the gallery.   Studio Tina Hellberg Malmgårdsvägen 14 Stockholm, Sweden

Location: Hutton Lane in Bristbene, Australia.  Brisbane City Council’s Outdoor Gallery Program.  By project curator Haline Ly: “Mogu Takahashi’s playful works are a breath of fresh air, introducing a burst of color in the middle of the city. Deceivingly simple, Mogu’s work is the product of someone who is meticulous and organized in real life. She is so impressive!”

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